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Bright and Bubbly or Serious and Somber: Creating Floral Moods

Welcome to my blog. I have always been interested in how flowers can help to create certain feelings. For example, they can brighten up a room, offer an apology to a loved one, comfort someone who is grieving or serve a number of other roles. In this blog, I hope to start on that topic, and then, I plan to write about flowers from a range of other angles as well. If you're shopping for flowers, planning an event with flowers or just interested in learning more, this blog is for you. I hope that you enjoy my posts, and that they guide you to the best floral arrangements Thanks for reading!


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Bright and Bubbly or Serious and Somber: Creating Floral Moods

4 Types Of Cut Flowers That Are Highly Fragrant

by Miguel Shelton

Have you ever bought a bouquet of flowers and been disappointed by their lack of fragrance? Some people prefer flowers that don't have a strong smell, while others love the idea of inviting the scent of spring into their home and displaying flowers that not only look beautiful but also make their home smell wonderful. There are certain flowers that consistently have a strong fragrance and can be mixed with more subtle-smelling flowers or sold as a single-variety arrangement. Here are four types of cut flowers that are highly fragrant:


Hyacinths have a sweet scent with underlying earthy notes and are loved for their clusters of small flowers with delicate petals. Hyacinths come in a range of colours, such as peach, violet, yellow and cream, so they can be matched to the décor in most homes. A single-variety arrangement using hyacinths can be a little visually overpowering, so enjoy these blooms in a mixed bouquet with delicate greenery, lilies and irises.


Freesias have a deep, fruity scent that's reminiscent of summer in the garden and make a beautiful bouquet on their own or with tulips. Each stem has multiple small flowers with six petals on each flower. They come in a range of colours, including red, white, purple and yellow.


Roses have a luxuriously sweet fragrance, which is used in many high-end perfumes. With their delicately curled petals and elegant green stalks, roses won't look out of place in a formal dining room or sitting room. The work best as a single-variety arrangement, but single roses can also be used as the focal point in mixed arrangements. They come in a wide variety of colours including red, peach, lavender and teal.


Peonies have a citrusy fragrance and full blooms made up of multiple ruffled petals. They are synonymous with spring and look stunning in a tall glass vase with nothing more than a few sprigs of greenery, such as ivy, lemon leaf or gyp. Peonies are available in dusty pink, bright pink, peach and white.

These are just a few examples of cut flowers that will make your house smell fresh and summery. If you have a particular scent you enjoy, ask your florist to recommend flowers that match your personal preference. They can also ensure you don't select several varieties of flowers for a mixed bouquet that have competing scents, as this can create a bouquet with an unappealing fragrance.