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Bright and Bubbly or Serious and Somber: Creating Floral Moods

Welcome to my blog. I have always been interested in how flowers can help to create certain feelings. For example, they can brighten up a room, offer an apology to a loved one, comfort someone who is grieving or serve a number of other roles. In this blog, I hope to start on that topic, and then, I plan to write about flowers from a range of other angles as well. If you're shopping for flowers, planning an event with flowers or just interested in learning more, this blog is for you. I hope that you enjoy my posts, and that they guide you to the best floral arrangements Thanks for reading!


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Bright and Bubbly or Serious and Somber: Creating Floral Moods

Keep your relationship fresh with these five flowers

by Miguel Shelton

Is your relationship in need of a romantic gesture? Whether you've been together one year or sixty years, showing your partner you're thinking of them when you're not together is a great way to make your other half feel special and loved. What makes your gesture even better is if it has a particular meaning.

Here are five different flowers that will give extra meaning to your romantic gesture.

  1. Aster. These look like big daises and can be given in a bouquet to last up to 14 days or as a potted plant to be enjoyed for years. As any You've Got Mail fan will know, daisies are a happy looking flower, and Asters are no different. The meaning behind Asters is contentment, making them the perfect flower to show your partner how happy and content they make you.  
  2. Pink Carnation. Does your partner do all the housework? Or perhaps they've supported you through a recent tough time. Show your appreciation with a bunch of pink Carnations, which represent gratitude. The colour pink also has the added benefit of meaning love and caring. Again, these can be given as cut flowers, lasting up to three weeks, or as a potted plant.  
  3. Bronze Chrysanthemum. Do something a little different and go bronze. Chrysanthemums come in a variety of shapes, and the bronze colour gives them a meaning of excitement, perfect for the relationship that needs an extra spark. As cut flowers, your bronze Chrysanthemums will last up to three weeks, and a potted plant will last much longer. These plants also grow well in any soil so they can be easily planted out to be enjoyed year after year.  
  4. Holly. This may seem like a strange one, considering this plant is often described as spiky and is closely associated with Christmastime. Actually, Holly represents domestic happiness, and if your florist can incorporate some into a big bouquet or a special presentation, this lush dark green plant with red berries can make a special and beautiful gift. If kept hydrated with fresh water or through regular misting, cut holly can last for approximately three weeks, but even as it begins to die it still looks good.  
  5. Lilac. Are you and your partner childhood sweethearts? If you're with your first love, then that's exactly what Lilac flowers represent and a bouquet of these beautiful flowers is the perfect way to show your other half you love them. Cut Lilacs can wilt quickly, so you may prefer to give a potted Lilac bush which will give you beautiful blooms that can be cut for the house every spring.  

Everyone deserves a spontaneous romantic gesture from their loved one. Show your partner how you really feel about them with a specially chosen plant or bouquet to keep your love strong. Talk with someone at a florist like Erindale Florist for more information on the types of flowers and style of bouquet that would best suit your loved one.